6 to 4 / 8 to 6 inch Air Duct Reducer
6 to 4 / 8 to 6 inch Air Duct Reducer
6 to 4 inch Air Duct Reducer
8 to 6 inch Air Duct Reducer
6 to 4 / 8 to 6 inch Air Duct Reducer
6 to 4 / 8 to 6 inch Air Duct Reducer

6 to 4 / 8 to 6 inch Air Duct Reducer

  1. Duct reducer be used to connect two different size duct to creating a seamless ventilation system pipe.
  2. Connect 6 inch (150mm) to 4 inch (100mm) duct system.
  3. Connect 8 inch (200mm) to 6 inch (150mm) duct system.
  4. Durable PP-Plastic material resists moisture to remain corrosion-free.
  5. Perfectly suited for bathroom, kitchens, apartment, home, office, hotel HVAC system.
  6. Easy installation, using duct tape or duct clamps to connect air duct adapter.
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Product description

Keep your home, office, or industrial space well-ventilated with our selection of ducting and venting supplies.
Here are some important details for Greenseam Reducer.
Width: 6" / 8",
Duct Fitting Duct Size: 6" x 4" / 8" x 6".
HAVC round duct reducer pipe connector for inline ventilation system( 150mm to 100mm)/(200mm to 150mm)
Duct reducer is made of high grade PP material, environment friendly, durable and solid, suitable for kitchen / home ventilation, heat transfer and ventilation systems etc.
Easy installation, available for duct connected, compatible with 4 Inch & 6 Inch ducts / 6 Inch & 8 Inch ducts.
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