The Importance of Greenhouse Ventilation – KCvents Ventilation System

The Importance of Greenhouse Ventilation

It is very important for the grower that the crops in the greenhouse grow evenly. By circulating the air, a constant greenhouse climate is created, limiting the risk of plant disease and moisture damage. This can simplify business operations and increase production.

Optimizing Crop Growth With KCVENTS EC Inline Duct Fan

The importance of good ventilation and circulation in a greenhouse is often underestimated. However, this is an important and complex issue involving many factors. After all, how can you effectively create a constant greenhouse climate with changing external influences?

EC Inline Duct Fan

Our many years of practical experience and numerous smoke tests have proven that fans are effective tools for achieving various important advantages in greenhouses. For example, reducing humidity-related plant diseases and pests, or enabling more uniform plant growth, streamlining business operations and saving energy.

Horizontal Air Circulation

Horizontal circulation fans help to mix the air between fans at high speed. This can be done according to the serial or parallel ventilation principle. As a side effect, the air between the plants starts to move due to the airspeed, and the huge horizontal temperature difference is balanced out.

Duct fan systems

Vertical Air Circulation

Vertical mixing of air with the help of KCVENT Fans creates a constant airflow between the plants, ensuring an active microclimate. In addition, the fan mixes the sun-heated air with a cooler layer of air at the bottom of the crop, eliminating vertical temperature and humidity differences. KCVENTS Fans are commonly used in greenhouses where growth is achieved using the “Next Generation Growth” principle.

Reduce Humidity In Greenhouses By KCVENTS Ventilation

To reduce humidity in greenhouses, mechanical ventilation can be a suitable solution. With the help of KCVENTS EC inline duct fans, moist air is drawn out of the greenhouse, while dry air is pumped in through the air intake.

Duct face intell igent programming

Greenhouse Fan

Our KCVENTS EC Fan inline duct fan with temperature and humidity sensor and display can detect the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse air very well. The design of these fans has been specially developed for the greenhouse industry.

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