How to protect your breathing during the epidemic?

Self Protection

Due to the impact of the fourth wave of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the world, coupled with the fact that the currently popular Omicron variant strains spread faster and are more concealed, since March, the number of infected people is still increasing rapidly, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is still Severely complicated. The epidemic is closely related to everyone’s life, and normalized and persistent epidemic prevention has become a social consensus. Faced with this situation, how can we do effective personal protection to reduce the risk of infection?

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Scientific prevention and control, wear masks correctly

  • Wear the mask correctly, make sure that the mask covers the mouth, nose and chin, and the nose clip should be compressed.
  • Reusable masks should be hung in a clean, dry and ventilated place when not applicable.
  • Masks should be replaced in time when they are dirty, deformed, damaged, or smelly. The cumulative wearing time of each mask should not exceed 8 hours.
  • If you experience discomfort such as suffocation while wearing a mask, you should immediately go to an open and ventilated place to remove the mask.
  • It is not recommended to reuse masks used in cross-regional public transportation or hospitals and other environments
  • Carry spare masks when going out and store them in the original packaging bag or a clean storage bag to avoid extrusion and deformation. Discarded masks are classified as other garbage for disposal.

Hand Sanitizer

Contact transmission is also a major mode of transmission of the virus. Droplets are deposited on the surface of objects, and after contact with contaminated hands, they contact mucous membranes such as the oral cavity, nasal cavity, and eyes, resulting in in

Therefore, you must pay attention to washing your hands when entering the room to remove the retention of microorganisms. A seven-step hand-washing method can be adopted. It is recommended that each step be no less than 15 seconds, and the entire hand-washing process should be no less than two minutes. Don’t forget to disinfect items brought into the house from outside.


In addition to wearing masks and washing hands frequently, maintaining indoor air health is also a top priority, and frequent ventilation is essential.

The new coronavirus spreads very short distances through droplets and does not float in the air for a long time. From this point of view, in the daily ventilation environment, there is generally no new coronavirus in the air. Therefore, it is recommended to open windows at least twice a day for ventilation, which is an effective measure to reduce the risk of infection.

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The frequent outbreak of the epidemic has made working and studying at home the norm. Long-term indoor activities will accumulate a large amount of exhaled carbon dioxide in the home, and the oxygen content will be insufficient, making people drowsy, and the effect of study and work will also be affected. In this case, ventilation is even more necessary. However, at home, opening windows for ventilation is often disturbed by many factors, such as noise, dust and so on. In the case where the windows cannot be opened for ventilation, the fresh air system can be used for ventilation.

So how does the fresh air system reduce the risk of infection?

As we all know, the Covid-19  generally uses droplets, aerosols, etc. as the transmission carrier. They are relatively large in size and generally more than 5 microns in diameter. When these pollutants are drawn into the fresh air system by the airflow, they can be filtered out by the HEPA high-efficiency filter, and the virus without the carrier will not survive.

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For example, the KCVENTS VT501 fresh air system can be added with H12 HEPA filter, the filtration efficiency of PM2.5 can be over 99.97%, and it can effectively filter pathogenic microorganisms including coronavirus.

At present, the new crown epidemic is still in the stage of strict prevention and control, and prevention cannot be taken lightly. Starting from breathing, KCVENTS opens the health guard mode for you.

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