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How to install and maintence the VT501 heat recovery ventilator?

Today we will mainly learn about the installation and maintenance of KCVENTS VT501 single room heat recovery ventilator.

1. How to install KCVENTS VT501?

1.1 Prepare a round hole through in the wall. The holes size can be 160-180mm.

1.2 Assembly inner duct and outer duct together to adapt to the thickness of the wall. Cutting the duct adapt to the thin wall. Paste waterproof sealing glue on the inner side of rubber ring, show as below image.

1.3  Through the wall hole from indoor, and pull back the duct to make the inner side rubber ring cling to the outside wall. Fill the gap between the wall and duct with foam glue(Using waterproof sealing glue for the gap close to indoor to against rainwater). The inner duct should parallel with indoor wall surface.

1.4 Paste the location sticker on the wall surface. Pay attention to the direction to make sure the circle on location sticker and duct to be concentric. Marking the drilling hole site and remove the location sticker. Drilling 4*6mm hole on the marking place and put in the rubber plug(as pack accessories).

1.5 Install the filters, the ceramic core, another filter and the airflow  rectifier in consecutive order inside the telescopic air duct.

1.6 Install the ventilation unit on the mounting plate. The ventilation unit is fixed with magnets.


The ventilator must not be installed in sites where the air duct may be clogged by the blinds, curtains, drapes, etc. to prevent the room dust deposition and accumulation. Also curtains might obstruct normal airflow in the room, thus rendering ventilator operation not efficient.

2. How to maintenance VT501?

Disconnect the ventilator from power supply prior to any maintence operations.

Maintenance of the ventilator means regular cleaning of the ventilator surfaces of dust and cleaning or replacement of the filters.

2.1 Fan maintenance, pull the ventilator to remove.

Clean the impeller blades. To remove dust use a soft brush, doth or a vacuum cleaner. Do not use water, abrasive detergents, solvents, sharp objects. The impeller blades must be cleaned once in year.

2.2 Regeneratir and filter maintenance. (4 times per year)

Remove the air flow rectifier, remove the filter in front of the regenerator. Pull the exchanger cord to remove from the air duct. Be careful while pulling the exchanger to avoid damage. Remove the filter after the exchanger.

Replace the filter as often as it gets dirty, at least 4 times a year. You can contact the seller for the spare filters.

Even regular technical maintenance may not completely prevent dirt accumulation on the regenerator assemblies. Subject the exchanger to regular cleaning to ensure high heat exchange efficiency. Clean the exchanger with a vacuum cleaner at least once in a year.

You must understand in advance that KCVENTS VT501 can be installed in small rooms such as offices, bedrooms, living rooms, apartments, bathrooms, classrooms, etc., and is suitable for most houses. Our single-room heat recovery ventilator VT501 can be used for new houses or old houses.

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