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When should the fresh air system be cleaned?

The fresh air system is different from most home appliances in that it needs to be turned on for a long time to ensure that air pollutants are kept indoors. In addition, it continuously dilutes harmful gases in the home and discharges them to the outside to keep the air clean and oxygen-rich.

However, in the state of long-term operation, the tuyere and the filter will absorb a large amount of dust in the air. If things go on like this, it is inevitable that the accumulation of dust and dirt will affect the effect of fresh air, which is not conducive to the health of people indoors. Therefore, in the process of using the fresh air system, regular cleaning is very necessary.

First of all, before cleaning, we need to confirm the status of the fresh air system and whether it has reached the stage of cleaning.

  • The air volume is weakened, the ventilation effect becomes poor, and the room feels stuffy
  • Visible dust accumulation at the air outlet or filter
  • The noise becomes louder, affecting rest
  • The fresh air in summer becomes hotter and the fresh air in winter becomes colder

Once the above situation occurs in the fresh air in the home, it can be confirmed that the fresh air system needs to be cleaned. Next, let’s chat with you, which parts of the fresh air system need to be cleaned? How to clean them?

How to clean up

The cleaning method of different parts in the fresh air system:

1. Indoor air outlet

Indoor fresh air outlets and exhaust outlets, especially the exhaust outlets, will inevitably be contaminated with dirty air during the long-term delivery of air.

dust and dirt etc. If it is not cleaned, it will not only affect the use effect of the fresh air, but also pose a threat to the air quality, and the dirt will also affect the aesthetics of the interior decoration.

Therefore, it is very important to clean the indoor tuyere. When you need to clean the indoor air outlet, wipe it with a clean paper towel or cloth to remove the dirt on the surface of the air outlet.

2. Filter

At present, there are two common filtration technologies on the market: electrostatic precipitator and HEPA filtration. KCVENTS uses a HEPA filter.

Use polymer materials to form structures similar to “spider webs” to prevent dust particles from passing through.

KCVENTS VT501 achieves higher purification efficiency through G4+H13 double filter. G4+G3 filter can effectively filter large particles such as pollen and hair. HEPA13 filter can remove particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns. When the HEPA filter becomes dusty, it is difficult to clean and needs to be replaced directly.

It is recommended to replace it every 3-6 months in spring, summer and autumn, and in the case of severe air pollution and haze in winter, it usually needs to be replaced once every 1-2 months. Of course, you can also pay attention to the filter replacement prompt on the KCVENTS fresh air fan control panel. When the filter light is on, it means it’s time to replace the filter.

3. Heat exchange core

There are two types of heat exchange cores for KCVENTS fresh air fans, paper and washable. The paper heat exchange core can be easily cleaned with a vacuum tool to suck away the dust.

If the new fan uses a washable heat exchange core, you only need to wash it with clean water, and put it back as it is after drying. It is recommended to clean the heat exchange core once a year.

4. Piping system

The above are the parts that can be cleaned by yourself. If you need to clean the inner wall of the air duct, you need an after-sales maintenance master to come to your door. Disassembly and assembly by yourself may endanger the service life of the machine~

After-sales maintenance personnel will use professional pipe cleaning equipment to extend from the air outlet or air distribution box until the brush head sticks out of the air outlet, and then recover the cleaning equipment. Cooperate with the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and remove the dust at the same time, so as to prevent the dust from entering the room and causing secondary pollution.

It is recommended to clean it once every 1-2 years to make the use of the fresh air system safer and more assured.

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