KCQR Energy Recovery Unit-Heat Recovery Ventilator
Energy recovery unit ventilator
Heat recovery ventilation system
Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit Switching core
Heat recovery ventilation system
Whole home Heat Recovery Ventilator
single room heat recovery unit

KCQR Energy Recovery Unit

  1. Counter-flow heat exchanger with up to 90% thermal efficiency.
  2. Internal acoustic cotton to reduce noise level.
  3. Low-consumption motor.
  4. Centrifugal forward curved impeller
  5. Galvanised sheet steel body
  6. 4 nozzles Ø100 mm. / Ø150 mm. / Ø200 mm.
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Low energy whole house heat recovery unit with a high-efficiency heat exchanger (up to 90%) to provide a constant supply of fresh tempered air into the living spaces.

With an ERV, you can keep the windows closed and the air-conditioning on without worrying about the indoor air quality because it can keep the air fresh by supplying outdoor air while exhausting the stale indoor air.

When an ERV introduces fresh air with a maintained temperature and humidity into an enclosed space, it dilutes the concentration of virus particles in the air with a filter that removes stale air during air change.

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