X5 Centrifugal Series Air Curtain

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The X5 centrifugal pure white air curtain maintains environmental separation with a light flow of air, remote controller, that not only results in lowered energy costs but also helps in preventing air borne contaminants & deterring flying insects from moving from one open space to another-enhancing sanitation & hygiene. Applications Entrance of Industries, Restaurants, Offices, Malls & other commercial places.

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 Model Length Power Air Voulme Speed Noise N.W
FM-3509S-L/Y 0.9m 235W 1260m3/h 17m/s 50dB 12.5kgs
FM-3510S-L/Y 1.0m 250W 1300m3/h 17m/s 51dB 13.0kgs
FM-3512S-L/Y 1.2m 290W 1700m3/h 17m/s 51dB 15.0kgs
FM-3515S-L/Y 1.5m 380W 2100m3/h 17m/s 52dB 20.0kgs
FM-3518S-L/Y 1.8m 435W 2500m3/h 17m/s 53dB 23.5kgs
FM-3520S-L/Y 2.0m 450W 2800m3/h 17m/s 54dB 27.5kgs

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KCVENTS has a large experience designing and producing air curtains,air handling units, fan boxes, fan filter units, axial fans, centrifugal fans, mixed flow fans and other special and OEM equipment. We export our products to more than 45 countries worldwide. Loyal to our commitments regarding our customers, our products fulfill the highest standards of quality criteria. We are proud of our highly qualified team composed by master engineers, designers, specialized technicians and skilled professionals, ready to assist you in any questions you may have in design, installation or service maintenance requirements. Air curtains market leading Ventilation product leading Producing +7 years Exporting +45 countries Experimented R+D+i Continuous improving Complete range, all applications University knowledge collabora.

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